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PFF: Leather in the Washing Machine

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My grandmother recently passed and part of adulting is helping to clean out your loved ones possessions.  It isn’t a fun thing to do, but it has to fall to

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The App Life: Ibotta

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Know how I said this blog was about everything under the sun?  Well, today’s post will prove just that!  I’m starting a new little series called The App Life to


Roadtripping: Wisconsin to the Soo

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Looking back on this summer, I realized I left off halfway through my story of the Great Lakes Road Trip and the last stop we talked about was way back

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

A Quick and Easy Buffalo Chicken Pizza

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We eat a lot of chicken and with only two of us in the house, there are often leftovers.  With an undying love of hot sauce and pizza, comes this version

Za'atar Chicken

Let’s Try Za’atar Chicken!

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Walking around a Farmer’s Market will often teach you something new.  Whether it is a new vegetable, fruit, meat or condiment, there is usually something that is out of the

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On Expectations and Flexibility

Standard, September 4, 2016, Marie, 989 Views 1 Comments

On our recent trip to Acadia, I wanted a souvenir.  Not one that would be ordinary though.  One that I could use, something functional.  I found a hand-bound leather journal

Google Maps Timeline and Gratitude

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This morning started in contemplation and reflection.  I have not been writing or doing any self-care activities with significant frequency, having just fits and starts with my activities.  In the midst

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Homemade Beef Jerky: Island Spice Marinade

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Last month I shared my first go at homemade beef jerky.  In preparation for our trip to Maine, I explored other options with the Island Spice Marinade. A.D. and I are

One Year

OSS: One Year Anniversary!

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Today marks one year since my first post on omniasubsole! My partner was the impetus for creating this blog, and remains a great support.  He saw the interesting things I was doing, thought

island spice

Homemade Beef Jerky

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I thought I was doing myself a favor the other day when I grabbed a pack of beef jerky for lunch instead of caving to something I know is not