Journal 52: Impossible Dreams

I’m not one for having impossible dreams.  I am often intensely practical, though I do have a soft spot for idealist qualities.  Since I’m not a big dreamer, the prompt from Journal 52 to express an impossible dream was difficult for me.  So, I went practical.

It seems that no matter who you are who what you do or how much money you have, you yearn for something impossible dreamsdifferent.  It’s as if the resting state for humans is the desire for something different from they have at the present. As will all qualities, there are some positives and negatives associated with this and it seems as though our current state of affairs is more mired in the negative aspects of always wanting more.

I decided to do a quick sketch of a figure standing at the fence between two fields with the sense that the grass is always greener on the other side.  This makes sense in terms of perspective, but also in terms of the desire for what we don’t or can’t have.

I guess my impossible dream is to have more money so I can have less ‘stuff and worries’ and be able to focus on the relationships that matter most to me.  Though it seems that if that weren’t impossible, I would want something else.

What is your impossible dream?

Marie Wheeler