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Roadtripping: Through Canada to Niagara Falls

Standard, October 9, 2016, Marie, 1039 Views 0 Comments

The last time we traveled together, we left off with the American side of the Soo.  The next morning we awoke bright and early and headed to Canada.  It was a relatively easy border crossing and we made our way to a cool looking breakfast joint we found on Google Maps.

Why Does Sault Ste. Marie Have To Be So Far Away?

The Breakfast Pig might be the best place we have ever eaten breakfast.  Seriously.  Not only was the food creative, well prepared and overall ‘badass’, but the owner, Angela, was delightful.  A.D. had the Pulled Pork Waffle and I enjoyed the 5-0.  What is the 5-0 you ask?  Well, it is a halved glazed donut,  grilled on the cut sides with egg, bacon and cheese inserted for the most amazing breakfast sandwich ever.

Sault Ste Marie

I seriously lament that there isn’t a restaurant like this near me, but I am also a smidgen grateful as it would be difficult not to treat myself all the time.  If you’re in the Soo, be sure not to miss The Breakfast Pig, it is months later as I’m writing this and I’m still thinking about it!

Parks Canada: Fort St. Joseph National Historic Site

After becoming piglets, we got back on the road and headed toward Sudbury, Ontario with a detour to Fort St. Joseph National Historic Site.  Located on St. Joseph Island, this Parks Canada attraction has a little something for everyone from history and archaeology to hiking and bird-watching.  We spent around an hour at the park and enjoyed learning about the history.  Also, Parks Canada has the best logo.

Parks Canada: Fort St. Joseph National Historic Site

We got back on the road and spent the night in Sudbury.  As it was more of a layover, I’ll just share my experience the next morning with pea meal bacon.

Some Thoughts on Bacon

Now, if you’re like me, any type of bacon or bacon substitute is pretty much a go.  Pea meal bacon is a type of back bacon trimmed lean and rolled in cornmeal.  There is one main thing wrong with this scenario:  Why would you trim the fat?  That’s the best part!  The joy of bacon is the crispy melting deliciousness that comes from cooking it just the right amount of time.  I had the experience and now I know that pea meal bacon is not my jam.

Niagara Falls, ON

Onward, we drove to Niagara Falls, ON  and arrived in time to enjoy the Botanical Gardens, including the Butterfly Conservatory.  This was one of the highlights of the trip in terms of my perception of my ability as a budding photographer.  I really liked how my photos came out and feel a sense of accomplishment around them.

We left the gardens and checked into our hotel, a splurge for us as it overlooked Niagara Falls so A.D. could get some lovely night shots of the falls.  We spent the rest of the day and evening walking around the falls area, enjoying the food and spectacle of it all.

It was a bittersweet stop for us as the next day we knew was the end.  We had to cross the border from Canada back to America and head home so I could get back to work the next morning.

The joys of the trip, the great food, the great new friends and shared experiences would hold us to the next adventure!