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DIY Lunch Tote

Standard, April 2, 2017, Marie, 2551 Views 2 Comments

I do not often get a planned or sit down lunch.  On these days,  I bring my tiffin, tea, extra water and a smoothie.  The issue with a normal size lunch

Blue Apron Moroccan Chicken

Easy Foodie Fun with Blue Apron

Standard, March 15, 2017, Marie, 2147 Views 2 Comments

First, please note that I am not sponsored by Blue Apron, thought wouldn’t mind if I was!  Hints to BA! Second, don’t hate if you don’t think Foodie and Blue

Rosemary Bread

PFF: Homemade Rosemary Bread

Standard, January 16, 2017, Marie, 2066 Views 0 Comments

Rosemary bread is a special treat from the local bakery, often paired with a hearty stew or soup.  It is a rare delight, and one that I wanted to recreate

baked beans

Holiday Traditions and Baked Beans

Standard, December 25, 2016, Marie, 1952 Views 0 Comments

This past year my last living grandparent moved on and it was the first time I took an active role in the sorting of a life.  I guess it is a

pumpkin pie

PFF: Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Standard, December 11, 2016, Marie, 1564 Views 0 Comments

What to do with a leftover can of pumpkin?  Well, if you’re lazy and don’t want to make pie, like me, you can make a pumpkin pie smoothie! I searched

Brussels sprouts

Butter-Steamed Brussels Sprouts

Standard, November 27, 2016, Marie, 2269 Views 0 Comments

This year we have a new addition to give thanks for at our holiday table:  butter-steamed Brussels sprouts.  Now, I get it, many feels that they are gross or bitter

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

A Quick and Easy Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Standard, September 19, 2016, Marie, 1095 Views 1 Comments

We eat a lot of chicken and with only two of us in the house, there are often leftovers.  With an undying love of hot sauce and pizza, comes this version

Za'atar Chicken

Let’s Try Za’atar Chicken!

Standard, September 5, 2016, Marie, 1177 Views 0 Comments

Walking around a Farmer’s Market will often teach you something new.  Whether it is a new vegetable, fruit, meat or condiment, there is usually something that is out of the

island spice

Homemade Beef Jerky: Island Spice Marinade

Standard, August 21, 2016, Marie, 1363 Views 2 Comments

Last month I shared my first go at homemade beef jerky.  In preparation for our trip to Maine, I explored other options with the Island Spice Marinade. A.D. and I are