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Limetown: Have You Heard the Future?

Standard, February 24, 2016, Marie, 1116 Views 0 Comments

I didn’t hear the future. I should really research a show before I start listening to it as I was not mentally prepared for the cliffhanger ending.  I kept looking


Podcasts: Welcome to Night Vale

Standard, February 17, 2016, Marie, 916 Views 0 Comments

This week I present to you one of the most bizarre and addictive podcasts to date.  I have binge-listened to the first dozen episodes of Welcome to Night Vale with

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Podcasts: The Sporkful

Standard, January 27, 2016, Marie, 933 Views 0 Comments

The podcast du jour is The Sporkful, an audio feast for the ears. Dan Pashman hosts the show that purports to discuss, debate and obsess over ridiculous food minutiae in search of


Podcasts: TV Crimes

Standard, January 20, 2016, Marie, 1416 Views 0 Comments

I stumbled upon the TV Crimes podcast when searching for something related to Wil Wheaton.  I wasn’t sure what I would get, but knowing how much I enjoyed TableTop on


Podcasts: Gastropod

Standard, December 30, 2015, Marie, 1132 Views 0 Comments

There are few things that make such a fine combination as podcasts and food, and Gastropod is a tasty blend! I first learned of this podcast when talking to my


Podcasts: Oh No! Ross & Carrie!

Standard, December 23, 2015, Marie, 896 Views 0 Comments

I must say, I’m not sure on the punctuation of the podcast title, Oh No!  Ross & Carrie!, but I think it fits the vibe. I have a strong history


Podcasts: Tanis

Standard, December 16, 2015, Marie, 1656 Views 1 Comments

Tanis.  Wow. So that is my review, see you next week! Just kidding, though I am so blown away by the story-telling in this podcast that I could likely leave


Podcasts: The Black Tapes

Standard, December 2, 2015, Marie, 1204 Views 0 Comments

This week we take a look at The Black Tapes podcast! This podcast disappointed me…when they took a break.  I binge-listened to the first ‘season’ of episodes and was nearly


Podcasts: Lore with Aaron Mahnke

Standard, November 18, 2015, Marie, 1392 Views 0 Comments

My love of podcasts grows the more I listen, and this week’s highlight, Lore, doesn’t disappoint! Lore is a bi-weekly podcast that convinces you that truth really can be stranger


Podcasts: ProBlogger

Standard, November 11, 2015, Marie, 1020 Views 0 Comments

Happy Wednesday! Today’s spotlight is on ProBlogger, a podcast from an Aussie named Darren Rouse.  I have two favorite aspects of this podcast so far, the content and a fantastic


Podcasts: Sawbones

Standard, November 4, 2015, Marie, 1168 Views 1 Comments

I felt a dearth of inspiration the other day and decided that I needed to refresh my list of podcasts.  I was becoming a little one-dimensional, well two, listening to Nerdist