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On Expectations and Flexibility

Standard, September 4, 2016, Marie, 821 Views 1 Comments

On our recent trip to Acadia, I wanted a souvenir.  Not one that would be ordinary though.  One that I could use, something functional.  I found a hand-bound leather journal

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Roadtripping: Milwaukee

Standard, July 7, 2016, Marie, 1100 Views 1 Comments

After leaving Chicago, we ventured a little farther north and into Wisconsin to Milwaukee.  We had plans with @ScottNorrisPhotography to tour around Milwaukee.  We started the day out by picking

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Photo Round Up: Gettysburg

Standard, April 17, 2016, Marie, 929 Views 0 Comments

Last weekend, A.D. and I met up with one of his students and we went on a brief journey around Gettysburg, PA and Dover, DE.  You’ll have to wait on

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Journal 52: For the Love of it…

Standard, February 16, 2016, Marie, 990 Views 3 Comments

The prompts for this week were ‘Nerdy Love’ or ‘Self Love’.  While I’m sure I specifically qualify as nerdy, I’m not really in the camp that has to define myself

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Sunday Roundup

Standard, February 14, 2016, Marie, 946 Views 0 Comments

Sunday is a time of reflection and this week I feel a bit more accomplished than last.  I actually had a chance to take some photos this week, and while