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PFF : Sugar-Free Barbecue Sauce

Standard, July 17, 2016, Marie, 1248 Views 0 Comments

We love barbecue.  I’ve mentioned that before, I’m certain.  The trouble with barbecue is that most store-bought sauces are simply loaded with sugar! So what’s a low-sugar, high-fat eater like me

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PFF: Homemade Tomato Paste

Standard, July 15, 2016, Marie, 1417 Views 1 Comments

There is a much larger story surrounding my endeavor to make homemade tomato paste.  This story will be told at a later date.  Today, I will just share my triumph


Attack of the Japanese Beetles!

Standard, July 10, 2016, Marie, 1105 Views 0 Comments

Every year, like clockwork, I end up battling beetles.  They are the literal scourge of my weeping pussy willow and cherry trees as well as my beautiful roses.  I tend


The Herbalist: Red Raspberry Leaf

Standard, June 8, 2016, Marie, 981 Views 0 Comments

My friend Ashley over at the Om Resistance turned me on to the joys of tea recently, specifically starting with Red Raspberry Leaf Tea and its purported use in balancing

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Journal 52: Sunshine and Rain

Standard, June 5, 2016, Marie, 1592 Views 1 Comments

This weeks prompt for Journal 52 reflects on sunshine and rain.  I found this amusing when I read it as this morning I had done something very out of character


The Herbalist: Bitter Melon

Standard, May 4, 2016, Marie, 1186 Views 0 Comments

My father recently took a course at the local cooperative extension on Chinese Medicinal Herb Production in the United States.  In this talk, he learned about the different herbs that


Spring in Upstate NY

Standard, April 18, 2016, Marie, 1034 Views 0 Comments

The weather this year has thus far been unpredictable and varied.  Our late Winter and early Spring has consisted of a mix of 70F days and 20F days, often within

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Pickles: Deli Dill’s

Standard, August 29, 2015, Marie, 1705 Views 1 Comments

“Seriously, are you making more pickles!?!”  That was the question asked this morning when A.D. saw the crock on the kitchen counter and the mason jars in a neat line.