Google Maps Timeline and Gratitude

This morning started in contemplation and reflection.  I have not been writing or doing any self-care activities with significant frequency, having just fits and starts with my activities.  In the midst of reflection, and with the need to remember our recent trip to Acadia, I opened my Google Maps Timeline.  I smiled.

Google Maps Timeline 2016

Now, to many, the representation on this map might not seem significant in terms of travel or accomplishment.  To me, this is two weeks worth of vacation and travel and fun with new friends.  It represents a step toward the ultimate goal of A.D. and I travelling as part of his work and making this a more substantial part of our life together.  It is exhausting, but gratifying and I want more!

Last year was the real breakout year in this goal.  We started to travel and meet his students in The Arcanum, traveling to Boston multiple times, south to the Carolinas, visiting Yosemite and San Francisco.  It was spectacular, and to keep it going in the second year is just as important.  Making travel and community is the priority for us, and we are committed to moving that goal forward.

Google Maps Timeline 2015

So as I sit in front of my computer this morning, I consider how I hard I was on myself to start the day.  ‘You wrote once in August! Ugh! What have you been doing?’  Instead, my internal monologue has become a little more compassionate.  It notes, ‘Wow, you have traveled a lot this summer and with the amount of work to do before and after each trip for your job, no wonder you aren’t motivated to come home and write every night!’

How to Use Google Maps Timeline

Now, some might find it creepy that Google’s Timeline tracks your every move and records the data.  In many ways, it is.  However, it is also super-useful if you are a part-time blogger with a poor memory.  I can pick any period of time to review my Timeline and see what I was doing on that date. Did I forget where I had that amazing meal last month that I want to write about today?  Well, just take a peek at your Timeline and you can follow your own path.

If you are a Google Maps user and want to look at your own Timeline, go to and click on the menu tab in the upper left.

Then select ‘Timeline’ from the menu that appears and you will be able to see where you have been!  It’s super-easy and helpful.  If you don’t have a Timeline, it is likely that you need to turn tracking on.  If it’s on and you aren’t into that, you can turn it off too!

Today, I express gratitude for the ability to travel with my partner and spend time with great people.  I also express gratitude for the technology that helps me remember those travels in detail when I go to write about them a few weeks later!

Header Photo Credit:  A.D. Wheeler, The Explorographer

Marie Wheeler