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Roadtripping: Milwaukee

Standard, July 7, 2016, Marie, 1129 Views 1 Comments

After leaving Chicago, we ventured a little farther north and into Wisconsin to Milwaukee.  We had plans with @ScottNorrisPhotography to tour around Milwaukee.  We started the day out by picking

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GlassFest 2016

Standard, May 30, 2016, Marie, 930 Views 0 Comments

Each year, Corning, NY plays host to its own street festival in honor of its prime commodity:  glass.  This year marks the fifth iteration of GlassFest and while I haven’t

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Athens Art Festival 2016

Standard, May 1, 2016, Marie, 867 Views 0 Comments

The last weekend in April holds special appeal for me as I have come to enjoy attending the Athens Art Festival.  This started a few years back when A.D. was

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Sunday Roundup

Standard, February 14, 2016, Marie, 958 Views 0 Comments

Sunday is a time of reflection and this week I feel a bit more accomplished than last.  I actually had a chance to take some photos this week, and while


Journal 52: Beneath My Feet in Big Sur

Standard, February 9, 2016, Marie, 1040 Views 0 Comments

The prompt for Week 6 of Journal 52 was, “Over Your Head” or “Beneath Your Feet”.  I struggled with this one for a long time and finally found a picture

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Tea Time in the Finger Lakes

Standard, January 10, 2016, Marie, 1181 Views 0 Comments

My friend Ashley likes tea.  A lot.  It is inspiring the amount of tea she drinks and how quickly she has developed a comprehensive knowledge of herbal teas, how to

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Art Feeds Art. Nom Nom.

Standard, January 3, 2016, Marie, 870 Views 1 Comments

This week didn’t see a lot of progress on the deepening of my knowledge of  photography, but it did see some increased breadth.  What I really learned was that art feeds

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I am a Photography Newb.

Standard, December 27, 2015, Marie, 824 Views 0 Comments

Photography newb = phewb? Now that making up my own word is out of the way… If you recall, I shared the other day that A.D. has gifted me an awesome

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Shop Small: Wobble Bottom Glasses!

Standard, December 5, 2015, Marie, 640 Views 0 Comments

I will soon be the proud owner of a set of Wobble Bottom Glasses! I’ll start at the beginning in that I can often do something that others can’t:  buy


Inktense Pencils and Opportunities Lost

Standard, September 26, 2015, Marie, 795 Views 0 Comments

I’m back! We had an amazing trip to Yosemite and San Francisco and after 11 days of awesome, I returned to work with spectacular jet lag. I seriously don’t remember


Abstract Art: Something Yellow

Standard, September 4, 2015, Marie, 773 Views 0 Comments

The second canvas I used to practice my abstract art was awful.  I didn’t like it at all.  The colors were blah and I was not pleased.  So, after seeing several