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Lid Art: Awesome Labels!

Standard, August 31, 2015, Marie, 665 Views 2 Comments

I’ve been playing around with art journaling for a while now and I splurged on a new toy today!  I bought some of the Jim Holtz Distress Inks and a


Bozzo Art

Standard, August 30, 2015, Marie, 1051 Views 0 Comments

My art adventure began in January of this year, and started simply enough.  I wanted to create abstract pieces and have fun. I veered slightly after going to the Athens


The Day I Sold My First Artwork…

Standard, August 23, 2015, Marie, 591 Views 4 Comments

…is today!!! I have had a few pieces of plaster artwork that I had produced a while back for sale at Millport Landing, an awesome little shop in Millport, NY



Image, August 10, 2015, Marie, 508 Views 0 Comments

Several years ago I obtained a puzzle that was a picture of clock gears and parts all strewn about; I don’t remember where or why.  I’m not really a puzzle

Art, Living

Paper Logs and Homemade Paper for Art

Standard, July 30, 2015, Marie, 846 Views 1 Comments

I have a lot of confidential material to destroy daily and my workplace doesn’t have a stellar method for disposing of all this paper.  There are garbage bags full of shredded