GlassFest 2016

Each year, Corning, NY plays host to its own street festival in honor of its prime commodity:  glass.  This year marks the fifth iteration of GlassFest and while I haven’t attended in a couple of years, I was keen to go and enjoy the artists and food.  My friend Ashley and I met and roamed the street, checking out artists and posting along the way; me to social media and her to her husband in the hopes of luring him to the festivities with the varied food offerings.  It didn’t work, but it was worth a try.

As we passed Thali of India, there was a tent out front with various Indian specialties, and with the recent find that I love Indian food, I continued my sampling with a samosa.  It was the perfect street and eat food and I think is the original hot pocket, but instead of being filled with gross chemicals and weird meat, it was filled with peas and potatoes and lovely spices.  Nomz.  I really want to check out the rest of the menu at Thali now!

I picked up a great bottle of Pineapple Habanero BBQ sauce from 4J’s NVR Better and chatted with the owners, Joe and Betsy Hatfield.  I tasted all of their offerings, but went with the spiciest.  That’s how I do.  I tried to get a picture of Joe with his product, but he was a bit camera shy.

GlassFest 2016 Poppleton Bakery and CafeIt was getting quite hot out and we decided to end our adventure at Poppleton Bakery and Cafe, where I thoroughly enjoyed a Quinoa, Cabbage and Thai Peanut Sauce Crepe with Cucumber Salad, Lavender Lemonade and a Blueberry French Macaroon for dessert!  Everything was more amazing that I could have imagined, and I must say I was a little gun-shy with the Crepe, nearly opting for something less daring.  Never be boring with your food unless you have severe allergies, seriously.  I don’t know how many amazing things I would have missed in my lifetime if I was afraid of tasting something bad, though I do wish I had never tasted smoked oysters, they did not suit my palate at all!

So, I hope my GlassFest adventure encourages you to get out and go to some of your local festivals this summer, try the food, have the fun and tweet at me with your faves!


Marie Wheeler