Journal 52: Beneath My Feet in Big Sur

The prompt for Week 6 of Journal 52 was, “Over Your Head” or “Beneath Your Feet”.  I struggled with this one for a The sand is beneath my feetlong time and finally found a picture that spoke to me.

I had thought that either drawing my feet into a scene or just posting a photo might work for this, but I couldn’t find anything that really worked.  While looking for another landscape to sketch though, I found inspiration in a photo taken on Pfieffer Beach in Big Sur, CA in September 2015.

It was the last day of our big Yosemite and San Francisco _DSC1134trip and A.D. and I drove down Highway 1.  We met up with George Krieger and his wife for a walk on the beach and A.D.’s foray into drone photography.  It was a wonderful ending to an epic trip.

I don’t know if it is because it is February and my heart is longing for distraction, but the memories of this trip warm and excite me for another year of adventure.  Imagining another year of growth as I have seen in this past year is vaguely exhausting, but so damn exhilarating at the same time!

No matter, you see my rendition of this scene for my art journal.  It is imperfect as I am and I love it just the same.



Marie Wheeler