Podcasts: Gastropod

There are few things that make such a fine combination as podcasts and food, and Gastropod is a tasty blend!

gastropodI first learned of this podcast when talking to my Uncle in a mid-holiday visit. He and his family live in Brooklyn and due to his commute, he also listens to a lot of podcasts.  We were taking a minute to compare podcast notes.  I suggested Tanis and The Black Tapes and he suggested Gastropod.

This podcast is the food baby of co-hosts Nicola Twilley and Cynthia Graber and explores the point where food and science and history meet.  I was hooked halfway through the first episode as they exposed the history, chemistry and utilization of different types of flatware and how the design and materials used in your spoon impact the flavor of your food.

They seriously do a spoon tasting.  I could not make that up.

In addition to the excellent content of the shows, the hosts amuse me too.  I don’t know which one is which aurally, but there is such a lusty sort of tone in talking about food that it makes me smile.  The voice imbues the content with the passion of the co-hosts and while it’s a bit weird at first, it completely works and I can’t imagine it otherwise.

If you’re a fan of America’s Test Kitchen or The Splendid Table, take a listen at this gem and I guarantee you will enjoy the journey.  If you’re not a typical fan of foodie radio, try it anyway.  Like food, you don’t know until you take a taste.

Marie Wheeler