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TanisTanis.  Wow.

So that is my review, see you next week!

Just kidding, though I am so blown away by the story-telling in this podcast that I could likely leave it at that and feel like I did it justice.

As we may recall, I am super-duper in love with The Black Tapes podcast and this is the no less thrilling little sister. I have little doubt that Pacific Northwest Stories (PNWS) and Minnow Beats Whale will continue to bring listeners quality podcasts into the future, but I just don’t know how it can top either of these two fantastic podcasts.  I am sincerely sad that I can’t binge-listen, though at the same time, this tension of waiting is so nostalgically satisfying that I’m torn.  All I know is I want more.

As in The Black Tapes, there are some aspects of the story that are real.  Tanis is real.  It was a city in Egypt and is part of our recorded history, with the city being the capital of Egypt for a period, and it has a pretty interesting back story.  In our story, Tanis is less tangible, not a person or a place, but a presence.  A malevolent presence.

This podcast has it all.  Conspiracy, hacking, missing persons, secret codes, supernatural beings and one reporter at the center trying to investigate.  I won’t put in any spoilers, you really need to listen for yourself!  It is published every two weeks and as of this writing, they are on Episode 106.  Go back and listen from the beginning.

Tanis fan art, please support through patreon!

In researching this post, I read more on both PNWS and Minnow Beats Whale and am excited that there is another collaboration on the horizon for our listening pleasure and Minnow Beats Whale has an additional podcast in the works.  I can’t wait.

Marie Wheeler

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