Podcasts: My Brother, My Brother and Me (MBMBAM)

So this week I dive down the Max Fun rabbit hole and take a listen to another of the podcasts on the network, MBMBAM!

MBMBAMI first heard of this podcast while listening to Sawbones as Justin is one half of the dynamic duo.  He is funny there, so I figured why not listen to more!

I have good comedy instincts!  They are hilarious!

They are clearly not experts in any field, but they way they ‘give advice’ is perfect to brighten up your commute.  I regularly laugh out loud and must look a complete fool for those driving past.  Good thing I don’t try to impress other drivers.

Justin, the oldest brother, lives in West Virginia and works in the video game industry with Polygon.  Travis, the ‘middlest’ brother, lives in LA and co-hosts the doomsday prepper comedy podcast Bunker Buddies.  Lastly, Griffin, the ‘sweet baby brother’, lives in Austin and also works for Polygon.  All three also host a D&D game show called The Adventure Zone with their dad, Clint.  These are clearly busy guys.  I don’t know how they have time to play video games.  Learning that they are all spread out also makes sense as it seems really unrealistic for them to meet each week in a studio.  They do meet up often for live MBMBAM shows in different areas.

So the show is structured as a modern-day ‘call in’, except people will email or use social media to get their questions to the brothers or get questions submitted to Yahoo! Answers and they will lay down their advice.  It is rarely excellent advice and sometimes not in good taste, but it is typically super-funny.

I plan to check out more of the McElroy brother’s podcasts, but also check out some of the other Max Fun offerings, especially Pop Rocket as I love Guy Branum’s laugh.

Don’t worry, I’ll tell ya all about it 😉


Marie Wheeler