Podcasts: Oh No! Ross & Carrie!

I must say, I’m not sure on the punctuation of the podcast title, Oh No!  Ross & Carrie!, but I think it fits the vibe.

I have a strong history of skepticism and a deep and abiding love of the scientific method.  I don’t know as though there is a science I haven’t been interested at one point or another.  Science and reason assure appropriate decisions.

oh noAnywho, Ross and Carrie take the time to investigate the best in popular claims for anything from a religious sect to diet fads and paranormal board games and report back to the listener.

They scale each claim on the potential for personal harm and pain in the pocketbook.  It’s pretty darn funny.

As always, I listen from oldest to newest and so far my favorite has been their episode on Soylent.  The level of gastrointestinal distress expressed is interesting and hilarious.

So if you feel like your skeptic skills need a tune up, or you are just in dire need of gaining those skills, be sure to take a listen.  You might be offended, but you will surely get the info needed to make a decision for yourself!  I’m looking forward to hearing more about essential oils.  They smell super pretty, but what is the science?

Fine out with me, take a listen!

Marie Wheeler