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Journal 52: Sunshine and Rain

Standard, June 5, 2016, Marie, 479 Views 1 Comments

This weeks prompt for Journal 52 reflects on sunshine and rain.  I found this amusing when I read it as this morning I had done something very out of character


PFF: DIY Travel Watercolor Kit Altoids Upcycle

Standard, May 7, 2016, Marie, 1409 Views 1 Comments

Welcome to another Pinterest Find or Fail adventure:  DIY Travel Watercolor Kit! Watercolors:  My Backstory When I began my watercolor journey a few months ago, I had researched and ordered


Sketchy: Gettysburg National Military Park

Standard, May 5, 2016, Marie, 396 Views 0 Comments

This sketched scene is from our visit to the Gettysburg National Military Park in April 2016.  Since I have already written a bit on this visit, I would encourage investigation

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Journal 52: Impossible Dreams

Standard, May 3, 2016, Marie, 369 Views 0 Comments

I’m not one for having impossible dreams.  I am often intensely practical, though I do have a soft spot for idealist qualities.  Since I’m not a big dreamer, the prompt


THWCC: A Fantasy Landscape

Standard, May 2, 2016, Marie, 350 Views 0 Comments

Hey there!  So I’ve been off and on busy and haven’t given The Happy Water Color Course from Bloknote Academy the attention it deserves.  I changed that this week and have

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THWCC: Doodle Flower

Standard, April 16, 2016, Marie, 331 Views 0 Comments

I started this post for my Doodle Flower on April 2.  It is now April 16.  Clearly, something is awry.  The day I did the artwork for this post, I


LAHL: Van Gogh Inspiration

Standard, April 1, 2016, Marie, 357 Views 0 Comments

Van Gogh is one of the most famous artists in the world, despite living in obscurity throughout his lifetime and he is the inspiration for this week on Love Art,


THWCC: Wild Ladies

Standard, March 28, 2016, Marie, 359 Views 0 Comments

Last Monday was the start to the Happy Water Color Course and I had to wait to dig in until the weekend. Technically, I had time, but we know I


Sketchy: Drawing with a Border

Standard, March 24, 2016, Marie, 345 Views 0 Comments

I’ve sketched off an on over the past few weeks, but I’ve neglected to post my progress in the perspective course I’m taking on Craftsy.  The second assignment in this


LAHL: Egon Schiele and My Issues with Nudes

Standard, March 18, 2016, Marie, 745 Views 0 Comments

This week’s inspiration on Love Art, Happy Life comes from the short-lived artist Egon Schiele.  I love the way the guest instructor, Roxanne Coble, gives some context to Schiele and


Journal 52: All the Creatures

Standard, March 15, 2016, Marie, 287 Views 0 Comments

The prompt for this week on Journal 52 was a little distracting for me and I decided to go in a completely different direction than drawing real or imaginary creatures.


LAHL: Inspired by Marlene Dumas

Standard, March 12, 2016, Marie, 698 Views 0 Comments

I missed my deadline, again!  Kicker is that I completed my Marlene Dumas inspired work last weekend and never wrote about it.  Bad blogger. Marlene Dumas So this weeks inspiration