THWCC: Wild Ladies

Last Monday was the start to the Happy Water Color Course and I had to wait to dig in until the weekend. Technically, I had time, but we know I vegetated in front of the television instead of being creative.  Either way, the lesson this week was fun and useful and the wild ladies we drew reminded me of myself, my mother and my aunt.

All three of us are gingers with varying degrees of wildness either in our personality or our hair, and frankly, sometimes both.  It was a pleasant surprise that Marieke Blokland chose to paint a group of three wild red-haired women in the lesson.  Warm and fuzzy.

wild ladiesNow, I am not going to say that this is the most amazing piece ever, but I do want to note that as a lesson in art, it was effective at teaching me how to use my watercolors to layer for more intense color or pattern.  It also was a practice in patience, something that is always in short supply.  And it was fun.



I also figured out this week that each course has a Facebook community associated with it and am considering being a non-voyeur part of it.  I’m never quite sure on stuff like that, but I love the other art community that I am a part of vicariously, so I feel like stepping out of the comfort zone will be a positive move.

In closing, this piece marks the beginning of a new art journal, one that I think I will keep just for projects from THWCC, but who knows.  It is a re-purposed Nancy Drew hardcover that I decoupaged some sewing pattern paper into and cut watercolor paper to fit.  Only a couple of projects so far, but it might be nice to keep them all together!

Marie Wheeler