Sketchy: Gettysburg National Military Park

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This sketched scene is from our visit to the Gettysburg National Military Park in April 2016.  Since I have already written a bit on this visit, I would encourage investigation into earlier posts for more of the back story.

Gettysburg:  A Cannon on Little Round Top

The day was gray and drizzly, so instead of looking at taking many photographs for their own purpose, I decided to get some scenes for later sketchy fun.  This is one of those scenes and it is a cannon on Little Round Top pointed toward Devil’s Den.

20160501_085648I Gettysburgam consistently amazed when I learn of the stories surrounding Gettysburg that people were as brave as they were as I wonder if I could have taken orders to do the same.  I hope to never know.

This sketch was completed on 14o lb watercolor paper in a Handbook Art Journal with Micron Pens and Windsor & Newton Cotman Watercolors.  I did find some difficulty with the roundness of the wheels, but I figured it ended up kind of fun and went with it.  Perfection is not the object.

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