LAHL: Van Gogh Inspiration

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Van Gogh is one of the most famous artists in the world, despite living in obscurity throughout his lifetime and he is the inspiration for this week on Love Art, Happy Life.  I honestly can’t share with you how much I’m loving each of my instructional courses and I love the way I get the lessons each Friday as an awesome start to the weekend.

If you haven’t treated yourself to some continuing education, please find something to attend either in person or online.  It is a renewing experience to learn a new skill, subject or discuss ideas with others.

I think the world would be a better place if everyone valued ongoing education and self-exploration through new learning opportunities.  Oh look, I’m stepping off my soapbox!

As is typical, I searched online for a Van Gogh that I felt would be appropriate to use as a model.  I’m also taking the Happy Water Color Course, so I simply couldn’t help myself from using watercolor as a medium.

Inspiration:  Wheat Field with Cypresses                                                My Van Gogh Attempt


Van Gogh Inspired

I see now that the two  are side by side that the wheat field really needs more red and brown tones into it and the depth of the greens is less than desired.  Overall, I really like the composition and structure and feel like I could have made much better choices if I had added some gouache into the fray.  I only have white gouache, but I just add the straight watercolor pigments to blend.  There are obviously some limitations and I would be good to get some real gouache and see the difference.

The brightness, depth, color and texture of Van Gogh’s are legendary and I believe I will keep working on the process to see if I can get closer to the original.