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Roadtripping: Exploring Michigan

Standard, June 14, 2016, Marie, 1155 Views 1 Comments

A.D. and I have a weird little habit:  We collect the state magnets for each state we travel and keep them on the refrigerator.  It functions as a bit of

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Journal 52: Sunshine and Rain

Standard, June 5, 2016, Marie, 1624 Views 1 Comments

This weeks prompt for Journal 52 reflects on sunshine and rain.  I found this amusing when I read it as this morning I had done something very out of character

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GlassFest 2016

Standard, May 30, 2016, Marie, 1177 Views 0 Comments

Each year, Corning, NY plays host to its own street festival in honor of its prime commodity:  glass.  This year marks the fifth iteration of GlassFest and while I haven’t


Procrasturbation and Temporal Motivational Theory

Standard, May 29, 2016, Marie, 1475 Views 0 Comments

In searching for the formal definition of the word mash procrasturbation, I found a neat article from Psychology Today on the subject which introduced me to Temporal Motivation Theory (TMT).  I

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Mother’s Day 2016

Standard, May 8, 2016, Marie, 1483 Views 3 Comments

Mother’s Day can be challenging.  My mom sent me a picture a few weeks ago and asked me to create something similar, and I thought, ‘there is no way, that takes a

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Journal 52: Impossible Dreams

Standard, May 3, 2016, Marie, 959 Views 0 Comments

I’m not one for having impossible dreams.  I am often intensely practical, though I do have a soft spot for idealist qualities.  Since I’m not a big dreamer, the prompt

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Athens Art Festival 2016

Standard, May 1, 2016, Marie, 1120 Views 0 Comments

The last weekend in April holds special appeal for me as I have come to enjoy attending the Athens Art Festival.  This started a few years back when A.D. was

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Journal 52: Seeds of Change

Standard, April 19, 2016, Marie, 935 Views 0 Comments

I’m a little behind on all of my art journaling, well, really on attaching stories to my art.  I completed the art for this page a couple of weeks ago

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THWCC: Doodle Flower

Standard, April 16, 2016, Marie, 911 Views 0 Comments

I started this post for my Doodle Flower on April 2.  It is now April 16.  Clearly, something is awry.  The day I did the artwork for this post, I

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LAHL: I am an Artist

Standard, March 25, 2016, Marie, 824 Views 0 Comments

The discussion this week from Love Art, Happy Life is on being an artist and having confidence in yourself as an artist.  I feel like this is applicable to much

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Journal 52: Emulate or Duplicate

Standard, March 22, 2016, Marie, 1107 Views 0 Comments

This week’s prompts on Journal 52 are Emulate or Duplicate, and I chose to consider Duplicate as my muse. There are multiple reasons for this, both in art and in life.