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Journal 52: Purple, Dilemmas and Tomatoes

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Week 18 of Journal 52 asked us to be inspired by purple in honor of Prince.  It’s not that I didn’t really like Prince or think that he didn’t deserve honors, but I felt awkward about it and it was a block.  I honestly felt the same way when the prompt was about Bowie.  I did it, but it felt weird; it wasn’t me.

I like to honor myself in my art.  It is something that I do solely for me and if others enjoy it, that is a bonus.  I put it out there as an extension of myself.  No expectations.

Anyway, I was stuck.  For many weeks.  I quit doing Journal 52’s entirely as I was so stuck.  It became this thing larger than it ever should have been.

Purple is the Color of My Existential Dilemma.

Since we returned from our Mid-West Road Trip, I have been down.  I have been upset by work things and it has emotionally drained me.  I haven’t done anything for myself other than my weekly walk.  I just wanted to sleep.

With A.D.’s pressure though (thankyouthankyouthankyou), I took this long weekend to re-assess my position and self-care.  Here are the things that keep me healthy and happy:

  • writing
  • working out
  • artistic expression
  • gardening
  • cooking
  • engaging with family and friends

Guess how many of the above were neglected in the past two weeks:  all of them.  No wonder I felt drained.

Apparently purple is the color of my existential dilemma.

I Love Purple Tomatoes.

Cherokee PurpleSo, as I often do when I’m super-stuck, I went to the internet and typed, ‘Purple Quotes’, and found this one by a woman named Helen Fisher.  Now, I had not a clue who she was, but the quote got me thinking and turns out she is a pretty neat lady.  Check out the link after you finish reading here 😉

I drew my favorite tomato, the Cherokee Purple.  I added Helen Fisher’s quote, ‘When people tell you to walk a certain way, it’s like not thinking of a purple tomato.  You can’t not do it.’

I couldn’t not do it and I love purple tomatoes.

  • Lueta Graf July 5, 2016 at 11:05 am

    Taylor says that looks like Sponge Bob’s thumb when he gets a splinter. Thought you’d be amused.

  • July 6, 2016 at 12:16 pm