Journal 52: Emulate or Duplicate

This week’s prompts on Journal 52 are Emulate or Duplicate, and I chose to consider Duplicate as my muse.

There are multiple reasons for this, both in art and in life.  Since I think we can see the role of duplication in art as a well-documented resource for learning particular skills, and one that I am currently working with in the Love Art, Happy Life course from Bloknote Academy, the expansion of this idea to other aspects of life is appropriate.

What do I mean by that?

Duplicate for Confidence and Skill

Well, I have noted throughout my learning and career, that where I might stumble to find my own words or way of teaching an idea or providing therapeutic guidance, I can duplicate the behaviors one of my mentors.  It’s like a real-life WWJD, except I think of how I have seen a mentor handle a situation and I apply the behaviors they would use to the problem at hand.  I have used this tool so often, that I am now comfortable in applying myself to the situation and while the threads of my mentors still are visible, I have my own style.

I am confident as a counselor.

One can also consider the application of duplication in cooking.  For example, you can read through a recipe and follow it by the letter, but your outcome is often disappointing if you don’t know how to apply the steps.  I learned the basics of cooking from my mother, but I learned the application of cooking methods from watching FoodTV programs and noting how different chefs were nuanced in the application of the same method.  I chose a couple I liked and duplicated them.

I am a skilled home cook.

Duplicate as an Artist duplicate jean-michel-basquiat-boy-and-dog-in-a-johnnypump-1365102287_org

IMG_20160320_103948The prompt from Sarah Trumpp used inspiration from Basquiat and I decided that I would use it as well.

I like it, though I can’t put my finger on why.  It might be the scribbly nature of the piece or the absolute abandon I feel when I look at it.  No matter the reasoning, it is something that I sought to duplicate and from the effort to the right, we see how that went.

A Note on Materials

I sat down to start my duplication process and picked the colors that were either what I needed or close.  This is what I thought anyway.  Clearly, I was incorrect.

The point on materials that I would like to make is manifold, but is succinctly stated as such:  Cheap brushes, paints, etc are cheap for a reason.  They lack quality and still cost you hard-earned money.  My best advice is: Don’t be cheap,  purchase quality materials at a discount and be happy.

Marie Wheeler