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Homemade Beef Jerky

Standard, July 18, 2016, Marie, 1234 Views 0 Comments

I thought I was doing myself a favor the other day when I grabbed a pack of beef jerky for lunch instead of caving to something I know is not

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PFF : Sugar-Free Barbecue Sauce

Standard, July 17, 2016, Marie, 1182 Views 0 Comments

We love barbecue.  I’ve mentioned that before, I’m certain.  The trouble with barbecue is that most store-bought sauces are simply loaded with sugar! So what’s a low-sugar, high-fat eater like me

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PFF: Homemade Tomato Paste

Standard, July 15, 2016, Marie, 1313 Views 1 Comments

There is a much larger story surrounding my endeavor to make homemade tomato paste.  This story will be told at a later date.  Today, I will just share my triumph


PFF: The Secret Fruit Salad

Standard, July 9, 2016, Marie, 1006 Views 1 Comments

I have never made fruit salad…until today! In my research to complete this simple dish via Pinterest, I realized that a simple ton of different recipes exists for fruit salad. My

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Roadtripping: Milwaukee

Standard, July 7, 2016, Marie, 1363 Views 1 Comments

After leaving Chicago, we ventured a little farther north and into Wisconsin to Milwaukee.  We had plans with @ScottNorrisPhotography to tour around Milwaukee.  We started the day out by picking

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Roadtripping: Exploring Michigan

Standard, June 14, 2016, Marie, 1068 Views 1 Comments

A.D. and I have a weird little habit:  We collect the state magnets for each state we travel and keep them on the refrigerator.  It functions as a bit of


Roadtripping: Enjoying the Journey

Standard, June 12, 2016, Marie, 975 Views 1 Comments

As many readers of this blog already know, A.D. and I are big fans of roadtripping and most of our vacations involve moving from point to point along our route. Prior

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GlassFest 2016

Standard, May 30, 2016, Marie, 1089 Views 0 Comments

Each year, Corning, NY plays host to its own street festival in honor of its prime commodity:  glass.  This year marks the fifth iteration of GlassFest and while I haven’t


Lunch in Ithaca, NY

Standard, April 30, 2016, Marie, 793 Views 0 Comments

Earlier this week I attended a two-day training in Ithaca, NY, and each day my boss and I explored the food around the Commons area.  For anyone not familiar with