Spring in Upstate NY

The weather this year has thus far been unpredictable and varied.  Our late Winter and early Spring has consisted of a mix of 70F days and 20F days, often within 24 hours of each other.  It hasn’t done well for anyone as far as I can figure, but I’m hopeful that we are moving toward consistency.

Spring is for Planting

This spring will be different in my garden and I have mixed feelings about it.  Instead of planting a small vegetable garden, we have decided to use the larger spread at my parents for a couple of reasons:

  1. My parents grow the most amazing onions.  They are the size of softballs and mine are not even the size of golf balls.  It is consistently disheartening.
  2. After much consideration, we noted that the veggie garden borders our neighbors driveway and we realized that no matter how careful someone is, there will always be fluids leaking from the cars to the driveway and draining into the garden.  The reason we grow our own is to make sure the quality of our food is excellent, so extraneous fluids are not ideal.
  3. My parents grow fantastic everything else.  Why not put in some time and effort in their garden and buy some of the veggies I’m interested and co-op?  It just makes sense.
  4. We consistently take a vacation somewhere around harvest and lose out on the peak crop.

So, for those reasons we have elected a different path, but the fact remains that I love planting and tending to my gardens and I must think I will be missing out on something if I don’t have my own.  Sometimes I am silly, as I have more than enough gardening to keep me busy.

springThe things that I will continue to grow in the garden, in raised pots due to aforementioned runoff, are herbs.  Today I planted two pots of rosemary as it is typically quite hardy and I will continue to add to the garden through the spring.

A.D. can’t make his delicious herb-roasted chicken without beautiful, fresh herbs, and I won’t deny him that 😉

Marie Wheeler