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Pickles: Bread and Butter Style

Standard, August 3, 2015, Marie, 371 Views 0 Comments

Traveling through Pennsylvania this past spring, A.D. and I stopped outside of Lewisburg for breakfast on the way back home from one of his expeditions.  The Country Cupboard was recommended to us

Food, Garden

Sweet Pickled Jalapeno

Standard, July 31, 2015, Marie, 454 Views 0 Comments

Summer is blasting along at warp speed and with the scorching temperatures, come a crop of hot peppers.  Every year I tell myself I am going to make jalapeno poppers

Food, Garden

Icicle Pickles…A Two Week Process

Standard, July 27, 2015, Marie, 566 Views 1 Comments

I remember a time in my late teens when I was as idealistic as I was naive and everything I did moved toward the most simple life possible.  There are