Shifting Creativity

I envy those that can stay the course on one hobby, but then I don’t.  My shifting creativity keeps life interesting and our home in fresh supply of weirdness and awesome.  The current obsession is quilting.

So How Do Creative Obsessions Start?

This latest obsession started with the nagging shame of an unfinished project.  I had bought the materials for a quilt for our bed 8 years ago and then stopped.  It sat for 8 years.  I thought about paying someone to do if for me. Quickly realizing that if I did this, I would have neither the money nor the satisfaction.  I finished my first quilt top and sent it off to my new friends at Long Arm Quilting by Laurie.  I did pay for that as there is no way I felt comfortable quilting a king size spread!

creativity shifts and returns

A renewed dread came when I picked up my quilt from the long arm shop as binding is tedious.  I feared that I would put this project back on the shelf, but then I went on YouTube and found a great machine binding tutorial from Man Sewing and learned how to make easy matching pillowcases from the Crafty Gemini!

In the end, I have a quilt that I love and have accomplished something of which I am exquisitely proud.  Oh yeah, and it’s super functional!

Where Has it Led?

So the start of this creative obsession started in shame from an unfinished project (one of so many!) and led to quilted placemats and a matching table runner, a hot pad, quilted boxes and soon to be a full new quilt, with my favorite:  octopus!

I have learned a lot about my machine, a Bernina Bernette 66, a lot about quilting and have finished two old projects.  I’ve realized that I don’t have to be ashamed when I don’t finish things, they will get done and I will learn something.  I just might take a decade…

Marie Wheeler