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Journal 52: All the Creatures

Standard, March 15, 2016, Marie, 840 Views 0 Comments

The prompt for this week on Journal 52 was a little distracting for me and I decided to go in a completely different direction than drawing real or imaginary creatures.


Skulls, Crows and What the Heart Knows

Standard, February 23, 2016, Marie, 1737 Views 2 Comments

This weeks Journal 52 had three options for a prompt:  skulls, crows or what the heart knows. Since I am not a big on drawing hearts and kind of suck

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Journal 52: For the Love of it…

Standard, February 16, 2016, Marie, 1251 Views 3 Comments

The prompts for this week were ‘Nerdy Love’ or ‘Self Love’.  While I’m sure I specifically qualify as nerdy, I’m not really in the camp that has to define myself


Journal 52: Beneath My Feet in Big Sur

Standard, February 9, 2016, Marie, 1247 Views 0 Comments

The prompt for Week 6 of Journal 52 was, “Over Your Head” or “Beneath Your Feet”.  I struggled with this one for a long time and finally found a picture


Journal 52: Week 4: Lunacy

Standard, January 26, 2016, Marie, 828 Views 0 Comments

This week’s choice on Journal 52 was between ‘lunacy’ and ‘full moon’.    I chose lunacy. That’s not a sentence you write on the daily. Anywho, I looked through the


Journal 52: Week 3: Bowie

Standard, January 19, 2016, Marie, 977 Views 0 Comments

I won’t say that I was the biggest fan of Bowie’s, but I have always enjoyed his work and identify his place in the cultural history of our time.  He

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Journal 52: Week 2: Yes to Food!

Standard, January 12, 2016, Marie, 920 Views 0 Comments

This weeks prompt for Journal 52 was a choice between what I will say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to in 2016.  I elected to stay positive and say ‘Yes to Food!’.