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Sketchy: Drawing with a Border

Standard, March 24, 2016, Marie, 333 Views 0 Comments

I’ve sketched off an on over the past few weeks, but I’ve neglected to post my progress in the perspective course I’m taking on Craftsy.  The second assignment in this

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Sunday Roundup

Standard, February 14, 2016, Marie, 472 Views 0 Comments

Sunday is a time of reflection and this week I feel a bit more accomplished than last.  I actually had a chance to take some photos this week, and while


Journal 52: Beneath My Feet in Big Sur

Standard, February 9, 2016, Marie, 517 Views 0 Comments

The prompt for Week 6 of Journal 52 was, “Over Your Head” or “Beneath Your Feet”.  I struggled with this one for a long time and finally found a picture

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Journal 52: Week 2: Yes to Food!

Standard, January 12, 2016, Marie, 337 Views 0 Comments

This weeks prompt for Journal 52 was a choice between what I will say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to in 2016.  I elected to stay positive and say ‘Yes to Food!’.


Necronomicon Art Journal: Nyarlathotep

Standard, January 11, 2016, Marie, 567 Views 0 Comments

This week’s installment in the Necronomicon Art Journal is the crawling chaos of Nyarlathotep. The best description come from the short story of the same name: “And it was then

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Sketchy: Pen, Ink and Watercolor

Standard, January 7, 2016, Marie, 401 Views 0 Comments

Sketchy is the newest of my series.  I think I like to do things in series, it makes me comfortable.  Linking your learning shows progress over time and that leads to feelings