Journal 52: Week 2: Yes to Food!

This weeks prompt for Journal 52 was a choice between what I will say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to in 2016.  I elected to stay positive and say ‘Yes to Food!’.

So what does that mean to me and why did I select the photo I did to sketch?

Well, last year saw my introduction to Thai food and there is no going back.  I have listened to the Sporkful podcast for this past week and it inspired me to continue my foodie journey with a couple of goals for 2016:

  • eat from a food truck – these have increased in popularity due to the amazing culinary delights that come out of so many.  I plan to research the food trucks for each city we visit this year and see if we can hit one.  There’s also a ton of restaurants, so I will look out for those awesome experiences as well!
  • try falafel – never had it, heard a lot about it and now I have to try it.
  • try Indian food again – the last time I had Indian food was somewhere around 2005 when I was in Seattle.  I had a much different palate then and could not tolerate spicy foods.  It was unpleasant at that time, but I have hope for this year!

I’m certain I will add more to my list as the weeks go by, but those are the main goals for now.

The Inspo

In honor of my food truck goal, I searched the internet for a reference photo of a food truck and found a photo of the Victoria Food Truck Festival from last summer.

food trucks


The Food Truck Sketch

It just looks like a lovely time.  So, I continued to practice my perspective skills (or really, just tried to have perspective skill), and after a lot of erasing as A.D. pointed out that I had misplaced my vanishing point, I ended up with this sketch:

food truck sketch

You can see with the food trucks on the right that I still didn’t have my perspective quite right, but I really do like the way this turned out.  I will also say that in the course I took on Pen, Ink and Watercolor Sketching, that people went in much easier than they did for me.  Overall, I’m quite pleased!

I hope you enjoyed and if you have any additions to my food goal list, please don’t hesitate to share!  A good community is always built around good food!

Marie Wheeler