Podcasts: The Message

While listening to The Nerdist podcast the other day, they promoted a new podcast, The Message.  The first time I heard the promo, I thought it sounded cool.  I then promptly forgot to write it down and forgot about it entirely. Until the next day when I heard it again.   Thank you Nerdist!

the messageSo I added it to my list of podcasts and took a couple of days to get into the mood to listen to something new.

And then I listened.  I didn’t want to stop.

It is in the same vein as Tanis and The Black Tapes in terms of fantastic story-telling and interesting content.  I won’t spoil anything in this, but the premise is that there is a message, alien in origin, and a team of top-notch cryptographers are hired to decode the message as all government attempts have failed over the past 70 years.  The information has been declassified and the podcaster is a civilian observer there to document the progress on cracking the code.

I feel comfortable telling you that if you like Tanis or The Black Tapes, you will be riveted by The Message.  Go download it today!

Marie Wheeler