OmniaSubSole: A Blog About Everything Under the Sun!

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Welcome to OmniaSubSole!

I had a difficult time picking a name for this blog as it seemed that everything that suited me was already sat upon by some company wanting to charge me $10k to buy the name from them…I totally have that in my spare change…wait a minute…no.  So, I used Google’s translator to help me pick a name that worked to describe my site; surprisingly, many of the Latin equivalents had also been gobbled up!  Blurg.

So I kept working.  Pestering my honey for advice.  Tried languages other than English and Latin.  I bordered on complete silliness and found unintentional translations that didn’t go back to English successfully such as ‘Fresh Life’ that Latinized to ‘Potamur’ but translated back to English as ‘Drunk’.

I finally landed on ‘Everything Under the Sun’ or (thank you Google!)  OmniaSubSole.  It sounds classy, doesn’t it?

I think that is a fair summation of how this blog will evolve due to my inability to focus and my varied interests.

OmniaSubSole will include a lot of cooking and gardening, my art journal and art projects, likely some art failures too AKA works in progress.  It will also likely reflect my obsession with finding the healthy path and trying to do right by the environment.  I will likely add in some essential oil recipes and some recipes for tinctures and other fun stuff I make from the garden.   There’s a lot to look forward to in this journey!

I hope you enjoy sharing in my successes and failures…