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Mother’s Day 2016

Standard, May 8, 2016, Marie, 703 Views 3 Comments

Mother’s Day can be challenging.  My mom sent me a picture a few weeks ago and asked me to create something similar, and I thought, ‘there is no way, that takes a


LAHL: Beatriz Milhazes

Standard, February 19, 2016, Marie, 704 Views 0 Comments

This week’s inspiration comes from the work of Beatriz Milhazes, a Brazilian artist born in 1960.  Her work is characterized by strong shapes from nature and bright colors. She is


LAHL: Matisse Meets Man Ray

Standard, February 5, 2016, Marie, 534 Views 0 Comments

I don’t believe I ever knew the drive and dedication of Henri Matisse. Inspired by Matisse Learning about him this week during my Love Art, Happy Life lesson was inspiring.  I


LAHL: Lesson 1 Picasso Inspiration

Standard, January 8, 2016, Marie, 434 Views 0 Comments

I’m taking an awesome online art inspiration course called, ‘Love Art Happy Life’, coordinated by Marieke Blokland of Bloknote Academy.  The goal of the course is to bolster creativity and


Necronomicon Art Journal: Night Gaunts

Standard, January 4, 2016, Marie, 568 Views 0 Comments

I’m not going to lie, I am vaguely daunted by the concept of the Night Gaunt and am thinking of doing something radically different medium-wise to convey these creatures. Like


Mud Art: Day 3 and Beyond!

Standard, November 29, 2015, Marie, 352 Views 0 Comments

The last day of the Mud Art process is really the last days and are repetitive but simple. You can continue your work in just a few minutes each day and


Abstract Art: Something Yellow

Standard, September 4, 2015, Marie, 433 Views 0 Comments

The second canvas I used to practice my abstract art was awful.  I didn’t like it at all.  The colors were blah and I was not pleased.  So, after seeing several


Bozzo Art

Standard, August 30, 2015, Marie, 1002 Views 0 Comments

My art adventure began in January of this year, and started simply enough.  I wanted to create abstract pieces and have fun. I veered slightly after going to the Athens