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DIY Lunch Tote

Standard, April 2, 2017, Marie, 2475 Views 2 Comments

I do not often get a planned or sit down lunch.  On these days,  I bring my tiffin, tea, extra water and a smoothie.  The issue with a normal size lunch


PFF: DIY Travel Watercolor Kit Altoids Upcycle

Standard, May 7, 2016, Marie, 3262 Views 1 Comments

Welcome to another Pinterest Find or Fail adventure:  DIY Travel Watercolor Kit! Watercolors:  My Backstory When I began my watercolor journey a few months ago, I had researched and ordered


DIY Octopus Camera Strap

Standard, December 20, 2015, Marie, 1070 Views 0 Comments

A.D. is likely the best gift-giver on the planet.  If we were keeping score on thoughtfulness points, I would lose on the daily. But it is merely days before Christmas!


Deodorant: DIY with Essential Oils!

Standard, August 15, 2015, Marie, 1050 Views 0 Comments

Life can get ya smelly!  Some of us suffer more than others and, while unfortunate, it is part of life. Over the past decade, I have experimented with a lot

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Paper Logs and Homemade Paper for Art

Standard, July 30, 2015, Marie, 1692 Views 1 Comments

I have a lot of confidential material to destroy daily and my workplace doesn’t have a stellar method for disposing of all this paper.  There are garbage bags full of shredded