Journal 52: Week 3: Bowie

I won’t say that I was the biggest fan of Bowie’s, but I have always enjoyed his work and identify his place in the cultural history of our time.  He was a seminal figure in art and music and his work was more performance art in many ways than anything else.

And then there was The Labyrinth.  JarethehadshotI don’t know as though I could have had a bigger crush at that time than Jareth. He was so cool.

P.S. I definitely didn’t first see it when it came out in 1986.  I was 8 and I’m pretty sure we didn’t have color TV or a VCR until I was 12, so there was a definite delay in that crush.

I think what I like the most about him is the role he played in breaking down sexuality and not really allowing the press to pigeon-hole him into a label by consistently changing his label in different interviews.  It seems to me that he did a lot for putting gender and sexual fluidity out there in a way that was still quite taboo in the era he started.  Now please no one get me wrong, I know that he was not alone in this, but I do greatly respect him for just being who he was.

One can’t do the things he did artistically or personally and give a shit what anyone else thinks.

His passing is big news and there are memes everywhere, including in this week’s Journal 52.  As usual, there were two prompts, one asked for lyrics to a Bowie song and the other was just for song lyrics.  I apparently pulled a fun trick in my brain and ended up thinking it was a prompt for Bowie quotes, so that is what I did.

The way memory works is fun.

So I thought and thought on this and did many Pinterest searches and ended up finding inspo and a quote. They might not match for a superfan, but they do it for me.  Apologies in advance for the poor semblance.  Watching people draw faces on YouTube made me think it was going to be easy now that I know the tricks.  Wrong.  Way better than previous attempts, but still not as badass as the original.

      Inspo                                                                                                              My Bowie Quote

Bowie from                                        Bowie

Maybe I’m dramatic in picking that quote, but I feel like it is a good capstone for my understanding of a man likely not meant to be understood.


Marie Wheeler