Goal! I’m Gonna Do An Art Show.

Yep, my goal for 2016 is to broaden my physical reach and do an art show.

Sorry to anyone who was looking for the typical Monday dispensation of Necronomicon Art Journal monsters, I decided I needed a break today.

Anywho, A.D. and I were having a leisurely late breakfast today, and since it is the time of year that art show flyers tend to come out, we were discussing whether he was going to do any art shows this year and the work/cost/profit ratio that we typically see from art shows.  We decided against the larger shows in the area.

GoalWe have always held a special place for the Hammondsport Art Show as it was the first art show we ever did and still the best.  We love the Corn Hill Arts Festival and for several years favored it as a larger show with more prize money, but Hammondsport is similar quality with none of the pretense or travel expense.  Hammondsport is inexpensive with lots of great food less than a block away and the best part is that they have spaces for vendors with tents as well as snow fencing. That means that A.D. can use the tent and I can put my stuff up on a snow fence, still have the shelter if needed and not have to lug around any extra materials!  Yay!

A Goal Needs an Objective:

So.  My charge over the next six months is to put together at least 20 pieces to display at the art show.  That means that I need to complete about one painting per week.  Which also means that some of my other endeavors might take a backseat.

A secondary goal is to get more of my art into other venues as A.D. is confident that the newer abstracts will be popular and I seem to have found my style.  That’s quite a compliment!

Know that in six months you will get a progress report!  I will likely squee over the first sale at the art show and ya’ll will think I’m silly.

That’s okay with me.

Marie Wheeler