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Podcasts: Gastropod

Standard, December 30, 2015, Marie, 909 Views 0 Comments

There are few things that make such a fine combination as podcasts and food, and Gastropod is a tasty blend! I first learned of this podcast when talking to my


Podcasts: The Nerdist

Standard, September 11, 2015, Marie, 917 Views 0 Comments

Welcome back!  I hope you had time to check out some of the previous podcasts and tutorials on how to get started if you were one of the many who have no


Podcasts: A Few of My Favorite Things

Standard, August 26, 2015, Marie, 899 Views 1 Comments

This is the first post in a series that I plan to dedicate to my favorite podcasts, those little things that get me through my daily travels and morning chores.