Deodorant: DIY with Essential Oils!

Life can get ya smelly!  Some of us suffer more than others and, while unfortunate, it is part of life.

Over the past decade, I have experimented with a lot of natural deodorants and antiperspirants.  I tend to sweat a lot. Doesn’t matter if I’m warm or cold, chances are, I’m sweating.

I was mortified by this fact through most of my life, but as I’ve grown, I just accept that this is part of my body.  Some have it better, some have it worse.  I have noted that diet does play a role in the level and scent:  when I eat more sugar and ‘junk’, it becomes really offensive.  I keep it toward whole foods and it lessens.

Like many, I have a solid distrust of the big box products marketed to me and am never sure that putting aluminum so close to my lymph nodes is a great idea.  I like to take ‘regular’ deodorant holidays.  When I do this, I use my Essential Oils Deodorant.

Essential Oils Deodorant

In the clean 2 oz bottle, add the witch hazel and the essential oils.  Swirl to mix and let set for at least 1 day to make sure that all the ingredients disperse through the bottle.  Gently swirl before each use to mix.

You will see that I have a number of different brands of the essential oils, but of all the brands I use, I really like doTerra, Young Living and Spark Naturals the best as they have clean scents and are good quality.  They are pricey and that is why I have a lot of the less expensive versions.

I hope you enjoy this deodorant and always remember that a recipe is a starting point!  You can research and find out the scents you like and that work for your body.  Most of the ingredients have multiple purposes around the home and I will post more on that soon!


Marie Wheeler