Journal 52: Misheard Lyrics

The prompt this week for Journal 52 was either ‘lyrics’ or ‘misheard lyrics’.  As I’m certain was the case for many, the classic Hendrix misheard lyric of ‘excuse me while I kiss this guy’ was at the top of my short list.

And then I waffled.  I felt that the prompt was trite and I should spend my time doing something with a quote that had kicked around in my brain for the past week from George Bernard Shaw, but I couldn’t figure out what to put with the quote.  I’m not sharing it now as it will be part of something in the future.

Either way, I was kind of stuck in my brain until A.D. admonished me for not taking direction well and I decided to just go for it.

Using some of the lessons from the perspective course I’m taking on Craftsy, I drew two border lines at the top and bottom of the page.  I started using a panoramic journal from Global Art Materials that I bought from Hobby Lobby on clearance over the holidays for around $3.  It was a steal, but was stuck to use it because of the page size. Adding the border at the top and bottom allowed my brain to conceive that I didn’t have to fill the entire page and could do something more creative with it.

misheard lyricsI found a portrait of Hendrix online and used it as the basis for my watercolor likeness.  I went with a little bit of the style I learned while completing the Marlene Dumas-styled portrait from the Love Art, Happy Life course.

After writing in the quote, I realized that it was pretty stark, so I using some of the watercolor blending and layering learned in the Happy Water Color Course.

I love that all the disparate courses I’m participating in online are coming together to help me create things that I am proud of and that I never would have tried before.

In the end, I was pretty stoked that I decided to go for the classic misheard lyric and press myself for something different.


Marie Wheeler