Sketchy: A Scene on Fire Island

Last year was a year of travel, and on this particular trip we took an early morning journey out to Fire Island National Seashore for a beautiful sunrise scene and hike around the lighthouse.

It was beautiful.  It was fun.  It was relaxing.  It smelled amazing.

As I was looking through my vacation travel photos from the past year, I came across a photo of A.D. and I walking through the scrubby interdune brush, listening to the birds, and watching the white-tail deer.

I never used to be terribly interested in taking pictures of trips, but something about the trips taken with A.D. make me want to take more pictures and for some reason, I can actually use them to evoke the memory of the scene captured.

Scene of a memory on Fire IslandNow, I originally talked about this photo in my first YouTube video.

Yep, I did a YouTube video and got up to the uploading part when I put a pin in it and decided to wait.

Maybe it will be a go for this weekend.

So, as I said in the video that you will never see, I won’t say that this photo is particularly straight or good, but what I will say is that I like the large shapes in the photo and felt that it would be a good shot to use for practice.

My goal really is for both photography and for plein air sketches for this years vacations.

Sketchy SceneSo, here is my sketch.

My favorite part about this sketch is that it felt so easy.

I did it while I was talking for the video and used my new Windsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor set.

Now the part of this that is a super big bummer is that I forgot to erase my grid lines.

That is a bummer.

What I love though, is the fact that this sketch will be not just the memory of a lovely morning on Fire Island, but it will also be the memory of getting lost in a sketch while stretching the boundaries of my personal skills.  The imperfection of the drawing will never change the perfection of the moment.

Marie Wheeler