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PFF: DIY Travel Watercolor Kit Altoids Upcycle

Standard, May 7, 2016, Marie, 1878 Views 1 Comments

Welcome to another Pinterest Find or Fail adventure:  DIY Travel Watercolor Kit! Watercolors:  My Backstory When I began my watercolor journey a few months ago, I had researched and ordered


PFF: Chickpea Taco Salad

Standard, March 26, 2016, Marie, 528 Views 0 Comments

A.D. and I have been loving salads on Monday nights, switching between taco salad and Buffalo chicken salad. Standard practice was to brown some ground turkey or beef as the base


PFF: Pinterest Find or Fail Inaugural Post

Standard, December 19, 2015, Marie, 458 Views 0 Comments

Pinterest is fantastic for people who like swiping right on ideas that they will likely never attempt or complete.  I am one of those people. I started out with binders