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Athens Art Festival 2016

Standard, May 1, 2016, Marie, 559 Views 0 Comments

The last weekend in April holds special appeal for me as I have come to enjoy attending the Athens Art Festival.  This started a few years back when A.D. was

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A Discussion on Local vs. Chain Coffee

Standard, January 24, 2016, Marie, 615 Views 1 Comments

I’m having a rough start this morning.  That happens.  It is the inspiration for today’s discussion on coffee and for the use of the new ring flash for my camera.

Art, Living

Shop Small: A Gorgeous Gratin Dish

Standard, December 18, 2015, Marie, 409 Views 0 Comments

The newest beautification to my life comes in the form of a gratin dish.  I know, bizarre. Every year we host Thanksgiving dinner and every year I make an Onion