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Za'atar Chicken

Let’s Try Za’atar Chicken!

Standard, September 5, 2016, Marie, 1139 Views 0 Comments

Walking around a Farmer’s Market will often teach you something new.  Whether it is a new vegetable, fruit, meat or condiment, there is usually something that is out of the


A Whole Roast Buttermilk Chicken

Standard, November 8, 2015, Marie, 1305 Views 1 Comments

A fancy Sunday chicken dinner. Not something that I typically do too much with, but since my father gave me a beautiful 8 lb chicken that he cared for and


Grilled Buttermilk Chicken

Standard, August 24, 2015, Marie, 1329 Views 0 Comments

As promised from A.D.’s Birthday Dinner, here is the recipe for the Grilled Buttermilk Chicken.  As you can tell from the photo of the completed chicken, it went quick! This