Market Street and My Shawarma

Sunday saw the first half of this adventure with a walking tour of the Alley Art Project and the Rockwell Museum of Western Art, but today we finish up with how we killed time walking Market Street before dinner and the dining spot of the day, My Shawarma.

Ashley and I finished up at the Rockwell with a good hour to spare before we could effectively think of dinner. Fortunately, the best part of Corning, NY is historic Market Street and the Gaffer District.  For anyone who hasn’t been there, Market Street is a bustling street of shops, restaurants, galleries and entertainment that extends for several blocks.  There is free on-street parking and a parking garage that is free on the weekends.  It is a downtown that really works and a mecca for the Shop Small adherent.

Market Street, Corning, NY

from to the story, so we decided to head over to Market Street Coffee & Tea for a hot cup of tea.  I had the Harney & Sons Green Tea with Coconut, which is a blend of green tea, vanilla, lemongrass, coconut and ginger.  It was delicious with a touch of cream.  In researching the exact name of the tea for this article, I learned that Harney & Sons is based in Millerton, NY, and that works even more for me!

60 East Gallery

So we grabbed our tea and continued on our walk of the street.  We stopped at a couple of shops and then stumbled upon 60 East Gallery, full of beautiful abstracts from Patrick O’Connor, Warren Bunn and Barbara Mink.  I would love to see if I could take a lesson or two from any of them!

Market Street eatery My Shawarma

Dinner at My Shawarma

We continued to window shop our way up the street toward our dinner destination of My Shawarma, a casual eatery serving Middle-Eastern fare of shawarma, falafel, stuffed grape leaves and more.  Ashley and I arrived a little earlier than our guys, so we warmed ourselves with Tony’s Crazy Tea, a ‘secret’ herbal blend of lemon, ginger and honey.

The guys arrived and we ordered.  I tried my first falafel wrapped in flatbread with tzatziki sauce, lettuce, tomato and onion and it was delicious!  I was surprised by the spiciness of the falafel, but that was likely more due to the fact that I had no expectation for the spice level.  I also had the stuffed grape leaves as I have never tried them and was feeling courageous.  The whole meal between A.D. and myself totaled less than $25, which is a pretty good deal for great food prepared fresh.

The Total

If anyone is interested in what the full day cost, here is the breakdown for two:  $10 for admission to the Rockwell on the local rate, about $3.50 for tea at Market Street Coffee & Tea, and just under $25 for dinner, plus a gallon or two of gas to travel to Corning and back.  For less than $40, we had an awesome day and dinner and wrapped it all up with game night where we played Ticket to Ride!

Marie Wheeler