Necronomicon Art Journal Project: Face Off

Standard, October 3, 2015, Marie, 940 Views 0 Comments

The initial step for the project, in my mind anyway, is to create the face.  The lore of the Necronomicon is that it is bound and written on human skin, so clearly that is out.  Next best thing, DIY paperNecronomicon cover art!

Since I have practiced my own paper making with an old blender for a while now, I figured I’d have a go at the face.  I used some paper-making fails and added red and green paint (opposite colors on the color wheel combined = brown) and blended thoroughly.  I will leave you to comment on what it looked like…

It looks nice and grossly skin-like here, however, all the red bled out during the drying process, which I must say I find bizarre and creepy and now it looks like I really did skin someone in my basement…not awesome.  It is paper, I swear!

More of a Zombie NecronomiconI used my fingers to mold the eyes, nose holes and warped mouth into the drying paper pulp and also pushed it around a little to create wrinkles to appear more like stretched, warped skin.  Am I the only one feeling a little creepy right now?

Lastly, and not pictured due to my lack of foresight, I created the back cover as well.  This will end up being ripped apart and stapled back together to more closely match the back cover of the movie prop.

I’m hoping that by this weekend, both pieces will dry and I can attach them to some cardboard backing and start to use paints to distress them and move toward the more tanned color.

I’m also hoping that I will be able to get some pages distressed for the interior so that I can start some of my monsters!  Here’s to progress!