Butter Coffee: My Morning’s BFF

Good Morning!

Every day is a little brighter with Butter Coffee!  At this point, you might be wondering what I’m on about…well, I drink butter in my coffee, for my health.  I know, bizarre string of words there.

You may remember from my earlier posts that last October I found out I had high cholesterol and didn’t want to go on medication.  Well, you heard about the exercise, now here is the second part:  diet.

We had already been experimenting with low sugar diets in our home due to my honey’s health concerns from earlier in the year, but we took it a step further in October.  We put in high fat.  Now, I’m not talking about bacon all day, everyday, but I am talking about the conscious addition of healthy fats to our diet.

One of the means to accomplish this:  Butter Coffee.

Butter Coffee Ingredients

Every morning, I get up and make myself a lovely cuppa using the ingredients above:  organic coffee, grass-fed, unsalted Kerrygold Butter (or pastured butter of your choice), and Viva MCT Oil.

Butter Coffee

  • 12 oz brewed organic coffee
  • 1-3 T grass-fed, unsalted butter (I switch between Kerrygold $3.49/8 oz and Organic Valley $3.99/8 oz)
  • 1-3 T MCT oil
  1. Put all contents into blender.  Blend on medium speed until contents are uniform and frothy.
  2. Drink.  Nomz.

It really is that easy!  Now you will note what I use to achieve the taste I desire, but one can go whole hog and order specialty coffee and even more specialty oils.  I can’t afford that and I am not convinced that the added price makes the coffee any better, though I haven’t plonked down the cash to experiment either.

The two advocates most widely known are Bulletproof Coffee from Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Exec line and Keith Jardine’s Caveman Coffee.  Dave Asprey has some significant critics to the biohacking premise of his lifestyle, but there is a lot that makes sense to me in his discussions.

Asprey was not healthy, now he is.  I was not healthy per my bloodwork, now I am better.

There is a lot of research coming out that makes my grandmother’s assertion that ‘you are what you eat, don’t eat fat and you won’t be fat’ seem more antiquated than just the harshness of the advice.  It seems that there is a lot more to your metabolism than should be boiled down into a pat statement, I know, shocker!  There is also a lot of variance among people and their personal body chemistry and I think that is not recognized thoroughly in mainstream medical as well.

It comes down to mindfulness and knowing your body.  I pay attention to what I eat, note the immediate and long-term response my body has to a food and identify concerns.  In the case of butter coffee and a high fat, low sugar diet, I feel great!  It’s only when I get lax on my sugar intake that I start to feel worse.

Lastly, a lot of people think that the idea of putting butter into coffee is disgusting…but butter is just milk-fats, so it’s really no different from having cream, milk or half and half in your coffee.  Butter coffee tastes like a lovely latte every morning.

What could be better?  As always, let me know your thoughts!


Marie Wheeler